Exercise To Increase Breast Size

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Well, to improve any physical anatomy on our body, the best and natural way is through exercise. Exercise to increase breast size helps to promote blood circulation where the right nutrition can reach to breast tissues. Women who want attractive pair of breasts should stay healthy and fit.

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Exercise to increase breast size

So, how to exercise to increase breast size? Here is how :

The following is the recommended sequence of breast massage technique, you may do it in sitting position or lying depends on the size and sagginess of your breasts but most importanly you are comfortable with the position.

1. Rub oil or cream on your hands first, followed by a sweep on the breast. Apply a little on both sides of the breast. Make sure the sweep is done at the bottom of the first and slowly went up close to the breast nipple but do not make contact with the nipples. Avoid the oil or cream from contacting with the nipples.

exercise to increase breast size

Step 7

2. Once oil or cream covers your breast, start the massage sequence on the right breast first.
Press your fingers gently on the breast and move from the bottom towards the nipples until near the nipples (do not touch the nipple).

Don’t try to hasten the process, take it easy and repeat until 3 to 5 times then switch to the left breast. Do this process between right and left breasts repeatedly. The perform the sequence simultaneously on both breasts using the technique.

3. If possible, feel and arouse yourself or have a partner to arouse your breasts so that you get excited. This is to ensure that you have an erected breasts and hard nipple. Massage by rotating in clockwise direction spiraling upward toward the nipple. Again, do not touch the nipples.

Repeat these steps until fully aroused.

step 3

Step 8

Caution: Make sure caressing breast with soft touch and in a gentle way as the breast is a sensitive area. By using the correct procedure, blood flow will circulate and enhance your breasts.

4. Put your right palm above the left breast rub gently towards the right direction.

5. Place your left hand with palm on the right breast. Rub gently, and moving towards the left

6. Now, use both hands, your arms will cross and do the same gentle rub (step 4 and step 5 above) for 6 to 7 times.

7. Apply a little aromatic oil on the tip your fingers and lightly rub the oil onto the breasts. Make sure the touch is gentle. Perform on top of the breasts as shown in the picture Step 7. Start off with external rotation of the breasts gradually until approaching the nipple. Then do the same case to the top of the other breast

step 4

step 9

8. Squeeze slowly, pressed between two fingers as shown in the picture Step 8. Scrubbing gently towards the front and back of the nipples. Do it gently and repeat several times. Then do the same on the other breast.

9. Apply aromatic oil and hold the nipples with thumb and index finger like turning a tuner as shown in the picture Step 9. Do this and turn left and right slowly for several minutes. Then do the same on the other breast.

The above steps can be done either with a partner around or by yourself. I hope this traditional method can help not just by firming and toning up your breast, but also enjoy the whole exercise to increase breast size process.

However, this exercise to increase breast size is not a guarantee way for enlarging your breast and it could take a long time to see any result, thus to avoid disappointment, alternative solutions like herbal breast enhancement pills and how to make your breasts bigger naturally will help you to get a better result.

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