Breast Enlargement Pumps

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breast enlargement pumpsBreast enlargement pumps had been used since many many years ago. You may think that, since the history of this pump is so long ago, then it must have the effectiveness. Well, it may, but the popularity had plunged so it is remained as an option.

Some claimed the pump is used as a gimmick to make people gave up with this idea and seek other alternatives like breast augmentation surgery. This will boost breast enlargement surgery market (in term of demands and pricing). Whether that claim true or not, you must be anxious to know if it does really work?

Breast Enlargement Pumps

In term of logic, one may think breast enlargement using pump should work. Because the sucking of the pump and the vacuum created, force the breast to grow. Some think that new breast tissue will grow under this circumstance. Physiologically, breast enlargement pumps or any mechanical device will not make the breasts to grow more tissues.

What the manufacturer claimed is the device are built to create bigger breast size and firmer shape safely and faster without health risks and pain of breast implantation. It is done by making the breast “swells” using the vacuum to suck the fats to the breast tissue which will cause it to become bigger.

How does Breast Enlargement Pump Works?

Usage of breast enlargement pumps involves the person to pump their breasts (actually applying sucking pressure to the breasts) for a certain duration and few times in a day. And it is needed to be done everyday with full dedication. The tissue in the breasts will slowly extend and enlarge. The skin of the breasts are actually stretched and not more tissues are grown as some had perceived.

Some pumps work in a way that the pump must be worn with special extra support bra, and need to be worn for long hours. She will need to follow the exact instructions guide on how to operate and she will suffer many hours of the uncomfortable device hooked on the body. If the pump is not properly used, it could lead to dangerous skin or muscle tear. The pump could make the breasts swollen with additional blood flow to it and may suffer blood vessel tension and even ruptures.

Some people skin unable to take the pressure and stretching which could lead to skin rashes, redness, dryness and even cracks. These kind of negative conditions defeat the purpose of having a more bigger breasts.

Breast Enlargement Pump Result

Does it actually able to make breasts bigger using the enlargement pump? The answer is yes, however, result might not be satisfactory despite all the efforts. It was heard that you will actually need to keep using it otherwise the size may not be able to maintain thus does not provide lasting solution to breast enlargement.

The result also needs awefully long period of wait, and may not see any result for 6 (six) months. Despite the repetition and dedication, the most you can expect is about 0.25 to 0.5 cup improvement. Besides, the sucking and stretching of breast skin could affect the appearance of the breast which may not be the dream breasts you are hoping for.

Breast Enlargement Pump Cost

Although breast enlargement pumps are cheaper than breast augmentation surgery, but the cost is still expensive at the range of 900 to 1500 bucks. And, we are talking about enlargement pumps recommended by doctors or surgeons like brava breast enhancement pumps, not those cheap pumps you found in various websites that claimed to work wonders.


In conclusion, the breast enlargement pumps is not a recommended solution to long term breast enlargement. It will take a long time to see improvements and involves tedious and uncomfortable tasks when wearing the pump or using the pump. Pumps needs electricity whether it is in the form of batteries (or rechargeable batteries), or using the power outlet make it really inconvenient and cumbersome.

You may as well look for alternate solution like how to enlarge breast using serum or cream as shown in this website.

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