How To Enlarge Breast


How To Get Bigger Boobs

Even though there are so many breakthroughs with technology when it comes to increasing the breast size, natural      methods are still being used. It is because they are much safer than medical and surgical procedures. One of the  mostly used tools for breast enlargement is herbal medicines. These contain diosgenin or plant estrogens that will be  helpful in the production of more estrogens in our body. If we have enough hormones, our body will develop more  tissues that will help make the breast bigger and fuller.

 Besides taking pills and applying creams, you can give your bust a visual boost through specific  physical exercises if you are looking for natural ways to get bigger breasts. The key word being visual,  these exercises produce significantly satisfying results, combined with virtually no charge and health risks. In fact,  breasts do not contain muscle; they are made entirely of fat cells, glands and milk-ducts, linked with connective tissue.  Therefore, exercises do not act to increase the tissue of the bust, like they would with biceps, for example. However, exercising has positive impact on the pectoral muscle which holds the breasts and toning those up will result in the impression of bigger breasts.

Exercises for Natural Breast Enhancement

One popular exercise is the Pic Press. You should be lying on your back with bent knees and three-pound weights in your hands (arms are stretched to the side). Breathing in deeply, bring your arms close and hold a couple of seconds. Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions once every two days. Another one is the Butterfly Press. The initial pose is identical with the Pic, only here you need to raise the arms at shoulder level and hold for 5 seconds before going back to resting position. Do three sets of 5 repetitions once in two days.

Wall Ups are a very effective option – standing up, you should put your hands at the shoulder level against a wall two feet away from you. Then, you should start doing push-ups, using only your chest muscles to control the movement. Do 15 repetitions and add a 15-second hold before the push-back to increase the effect.

There is a large variety of similar routines, stimulating the pectoral muscle. However, whatever exercise program you choose, you should discuss it with your physician first. Also, golden rules like thorough warm-up and firm posture apply in this case as well. Also, you should try not to hold your breath and remember to exhale at the peak of physical effort. Even if exercising does not lead to your dream-size bra, it will certainly freshen up your bust and tone up the muscles.

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How To Get Bigger Boobs No Surgery!