How To Increase Breast Size Naturally

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Make a decision to transform your life. Say good bye to your old image of smaller breasts. Learn how to increase breast size naturally and get the new image of a sexy body with a curvy, big and firm pair of breasts.

With a small investment of this proven and safe bust serum, you can achieve the breast of your dream.

natural breast enlargementImagine the floodgate open with dozen of guys asking for a date with you. Or your husband attention totally on you with your new found image. You can feel the aura in you, and that whereever you go you will be noticed. You will like to go out and meet people, and suddenly male or female are attracted to you like a magnet.

That is how powerful you are when you found your new image. A new you full of confidence and self esteem. Hesitate no more, take the bold decision to make it happen.

Now that your mental blockage had been dismantled, you will need to know how to enlarge breast the right way.

The Right Way to Enlarge Your Breast

How to enlarge breast the correct way consist of 3 important criterias.

  1. Effectiveness – You are looking for product that actually works, this serum is tested and proven by so many users who had applied it. Mostly, they had found their new image and living their life full with confidence and self esteem
  2. Side Effects – the product must be safe to be used. You should always stay away from chemical ingredients, always go for pure and natural ingredients, it will be even better if it’s herbal,  and yes the bust serum I mentioned is 100% natural
  3. Duration – This is how long will you expect to see the result. Some products will need a year to see small changes if there is any changes at all. Your should really be looking for product that delivers in within weeks. This bust serum can make you notice the improvements in few weeks.

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Natural Ingredients

how to increase breast size naturallyRemember, this is not a surgery, this bust serum is scientifically researched and tested to be effective. It is totally safe, and they are receiving certifications to back the product.

The ingredients for this powerful serum are natural herbs harvested in Thailand. The land where you will notice women have no complaints about their breast size or the firmness. The women breasts and overall figure are so natural and healthy.

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Another reason why this bust serum is the right way to enhance your breasts is because, the news from CNN reported that enlargement using implant will need another surgery to remove the implant after 10 years. Not just you will need another cost for the implant, you are also facing the risk of surgery side effects as you are 10 years older.

Shocking Breast Implant News!

Watch the below video for more detail about the FDA announcement on breast implant.


On a last note, I have a concern about scam and imitation of this product. Please be alerted of scam and always go for the direct source. This unique bust serum only available at this official site, so rest assured you are getting the original most powerful gel for your breast enlargement.

P/S: If you feel the price is a bit steep, well this serum is a premium quality product and it is a life transformation stuff, it will change you forever and the bigger breasts you would get will stay unlike the implant which need to be removed upon 10 years expiry date.

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P/S: If you would like to know about other methods of enlargement, click here or scroll down below.

Purafem Breast Serum

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Do you know what Purafem can do for you? Do you want a pair of bigger breasts and make you feel good and confident? Is going to the beach with sagging breast a nightmare for you? Do you want to have sexier, fuller and curvier breasts? Then Purafem is the breast serum for you.

Discover how Purafem can help you to achieve the bigger and firmer breasts you always been longing for without going under the knife or nasty injection.

You will also learn why Purafem is the affordable and right for you.

purafemPurafem is a natural breast enhancement program that can help you to increase your breast size, uplift it and restore sagging breast naturally without surgical intervention.

You have probably heard about the danger of breast implants by now, if not you may read about Breast Implants Cancer and you may watch the video on the top right about the FDA announcement on breast implants. Now, with this natural way, you have no worries about the danger of getting a bigger and firmer breast.

What is Purafem?

Purafem gives you the solution that is guaranteed and the fast way to increase your breast size naturally without the risks of surgery such as negative reactions to implants, ruptures or repeat surgery.

Purafem was voted the premier breast enhancement program. The main ingredient in Purafem is Pueraria Mirifica which is an extract from the root of a type of herbs found only in Northern Thailand. It is an extremely powerful ingredient to help lifting and enlarge breast.

It has the highest concentration of phytoestrogens (the closest possible substance to estrogen found in nature), as compared to any other natural source. This means it will boost your breast development to become larger and perkier.

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How Does Purafem Work?

purafem breast serumThe Purafem serum contains Pueraria Mirifica has been developed using latest nano particle technology. Based on the principle that smaller ‘nano-particles’ can be absorbed by the body in areas that standard sized particles cannot pass through. This means that when you use the nanotechnology serum in conjunction with the cream, your body will be absorbing the smaller particles in areas where the larger particles cannot reach and you will be maximising the effects of active ingredients in the body, ensuring maximum benefits.

When ingredients are absorbed this way, it simply works right away to stimulate the formation of breast tissues and expand and swell the breast to fuller and firmer.

Along with the complimentary information about exercises and routines to follow to help you speed up the breast enlargement process, you should have achieved firmer larger breast within 30-60 days of following this Purafem program and we know that it will work for you, guaranteed!

How Easy To Use Purafem?

All you have to do is a few minutes each day and follow the tested method in the instruction manual. By following this routine daily for 1 to 6 months, you will get the size of your breast bigger, firmer, more uplifted breasts and it is permanently stay that way.

Purafem Benefits

  • Promotes a fuller, more uplifted and bigger breast
  • Boost your confidence and self esteem
  • 100% Natural Breast Enhancement
  • No Need For Painful and Costly Surgery
  • More affordable pricing even for nanotechnology created serum
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Free natural enhancement exercise ebook


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How To Enlarge Breast

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Do you feel lacking of confidence when you meet people? Do you feel embarrassed that people will notice your flat chest? Is Wearing A Bikini A Nightmare For You?

Learn how to enlarge breast using the natural, safe and proven method to ultimately transform your smaller breasts to larger, firmer and perkier breasts.

how to enlarge breastThis how to enlarge breast guide will show you how to enlarge your breasts using various methods. We will help you with your small breasts problem. Whether you are having double A cup or C cup, we are here to show you the best way to increase your breast size. No matter what cup size you have, this guide will definitely help you to enlarge it to become bigger and more lifted breasts.

Smaller Breasts

Have you ever envied other women with big breasts? Have you been feeling low and dejected about your smaller breasts? Do you have the feeling that you can be more attractive had you have a pair of bigger breasts?

You maybe frustrated about why you have smaller breasts? This is not your fault. But, worrying about the above problems does not help. You should be finding out how to enlarge breast so that the above concerns are no more an issue.

Perhaps you may want to know the reason, why should you enlarge your breast.

Why you should enlarge your small breasts?

The benefits of enlarging your breasts are enormous. Below are some of the benefits:

  • Improve your self confidence – Flat chest often been a laughing matter especially if you are in a heated debate or exchange. The way people look at you does matter no matter how much you ignore them. Sometimes, you become the topic of their conversation. With your enhanced appearance, not just you are not being ridiculed, you will be admired and people will take notice. This will boost so much of your self confidence.
  • Your man just loving it – your husband or your partner cannot really enjoy it if your breasts are small. It will be a disappointment because man just fascinated by the curve of the nice round breasts. Men has been fantasizing about big breasts for many centuries or even millenniums, no matter what you heard otherwise, no man dislike big breasts unless he is a gay! (no pun intended)
  • You will look really sexy – man drools when they see your elegance and sexy body. You walk out with your low cut blouse that can see the cleavage and the man will fell head over heels for you. You can now wear the sexy bikini without worries.
  • You will be so attractive – With so much confidence, you emit aura that no one can resist. Man just love hanging out with you. But hey, not just them, women too. You can easily attract anyone.
  • Because of your girlfriends – when you hangout with your friends, you won’t feel left out, you feel the sense of belonging and you are part of them. If your friends are flat, then you will feel even more proud of yourself, either way, you gain the advantage
  • Easier for breastfeeding – for those mothers who are breastfeeding, it will be easier for their baby to suck and the nipples actually got support. However you must notice that not all methods of breast enlargement can be used during lactation, or pregnancy. You will need to check out this important fact.

And many many more benefits as this small space won’t allow me to write further, maybe in other posts. So, how to enlarge your breast?

how to enlarge your breast

How To Enlarge Breast

There are so many methods and products out there to help you to achieve your dream of having bigger and more beautiful breasts. Below are the methods currently available in the market.

  1. Breast Enlargement Bra – You may want to know more about bras for small breasts
  2. Breast Enlargement through exercises – More information can be found at exercise to increase breast size
  3. Breast Enlargement by taking pills – Learn more about this method at Herbal Breast Enhancement Pills
  4. Breast Enlargement using pump – Read about this method at breast enlargement pumps
  5. Augmentation Mammoplasty a.k.a Breast Augmentation – You may read more about this method at Breast Augmentation Recovery
  6. Breast Enlargement cream/serum – you may read about using serum to enlarge breast at how to make your breasts bigger naturally
  7. Other Breast Enlargement methods like breast injections, certain ‘breast’ food, patch, cookies and even chewing gums!


There are simply so many how to enlarge breast out there but the best solution will be the option number 6 (second last option), using the breast enlargement cream/serum. This serum is proven and so many already achieved success with it. You can find out more about this serum below:

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P/S : Meanwhile, I will elaborate more on other methods in the coming posts. So, watch this how to enlarge breast space as I will post more soon.

Compete Against Sexier Women

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In order to compete against sexier women, you need to do what is necessary to succeed by following those who had done before. When it is the man that you are seeking attention for, then you will need to do what women in the past had succeeded in doing it. Wield the power of your beauty and the man if not able to let you go.

It’s like magic, and it’s proven by many generations, one  after another. Yes, there are plenty of sexier and more beautiful women out there, but those clever enough do have the advantages.

Many women think that there are just too many sexier women out there to compete with in order to get the men’s attention. This caused them to feel they are losing the war to get the man that they have been looking for.

Well, you don’t have to be disappointed as you do not really need to be the most beautiful girl out there to get your perfect man. In fact, the most beautiful women often don’t get the best man, but as I told just now, clever women do. Take a look around, sometimes you wonder why those ‘not so pretty’ girls simply cannot ditch those ‘pestering’ men.

However, you need to know a fact that, when a woman grows older, it will be tougher to compete against younger and sexier women. So, how do you get over these blockages that are keeping you from getting your best man? Below are a couple of tricks that may just work out.

As women get older, the competition just keeps on getting difficult. So, just what does a woman do in order to breeze past this incredible competition and snag the best match? There are a few tips that you may consider.

The first thing is that you must always remember is smile. In fact, men will be attracted to a genuine smile more than anything else. A smile is like an open gate. The wider and more inviting the gate, the more attention you will get.

There are two rules when it comes to smiling. The first is that it must be genuine. And the second the timing is important. You must first make eye contact, then you slowly grow your smile until it’s reciprocated back to you. The smile might be confusing to some men, but he won’t be able to take his thoughts off you, until he approaches you. He might be thinking any number of things: “Have we met before?” “Does she want me to approach?” or “Is she interested?” He could be standing next to the most beautiful woman in the room, but still be thinking of you.

Next, focus your body language on positioning. Allow the man you are interested the room to approach you. If you surrounded by friends, position your body to create an extra space next to you. Women tend to huddle together as a protective measure, which most men read as a large road block.

Once the gates are open and you’ve positioned yourself for a safe landing, don’t be surprised if much attention comes walking though that gate. The next item to consider is laughter. Now to generate competition among men – even if you aren’t interested in them – you are going to need to use your laughter. Men will fight among themselves to get close enough to a woman to hear her laugh.

Now once you get your man close, realize it or not, the attention will now shift to your breasts. If you are showing just a slight of cleavage or if your top is able to accentuate the full profile of your breasts, your man will simply not be able to leave your side. This is what you want as you are able to spend time with him figuring out if he is worth your investment.

Now, there are many ways to naturally increase the size of your breasts – you can opt for painful and expensive surgery or you can go the natural way. If you are interested increasing the size and fullness of your breast naturally and without surgery, you should consider Triactol Bust Serum, which is known to naturally enhance your breasts. It can help you to look great, feel great, and say good bye to the competition like never before.

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